The debt collection landscape is always evolving. There is a growing influx of new debt, but today the latest technologies can enable a more successful debt collection process. Studies show that 60% of people prefer businesses that interact across multiple platforms, and this is what omni-channel debt collection software can provide. By pursuing your debt via email, text, WhatsApp, VOIP and live chat, as opposed to traditional telephone calls and letters, you gain better recovery rates, and are provided with a real opportunity to improve long-term customer loyalty. 

But what are some tips for successful debt collection by text and email?

  • Be polite and professional

When you’re communicating digitally it is particularly important to be polite and professional. Messages should be short and contain useful, relevant information. This way texts and emails are more likely to be read in their entirety. Being polite also includes responding to emails and texts in a timely manner. 

  • Back Up and Organise Your Correspondence

In the digital world you don’t have a debt collection “paper trail”. But it’s still important to keep a record of all your communications. Debt Collection software, such as LATERAL, provides the perfect organizational tool for agencies and organizations of all sizes.

  • Remember the Importance of Privacy and Data Protection

Any text or email communication can be used as evidence in legal action if the debtor sues you for disclosing information to unwarranted parties. Email and text communications are digital, but they’re also permanent.

Here at LATERAL we use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the digital conversation wherever possible, resulting in improved quality and processing rates, and the prevention of human error. 


It’s clear that lenders need to align their collections process with the shifting demands and expectations of today’s hyper-connected customers. The success of LATERAL’S omni-debt collection software proves that collectors who approach customers via the digital channels they prefer, have the best chance of recovering the most debt.

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