Lateral offers secure, industry-leading cloud-based Matter Management Software to help organisations become more organised, improve efficiencies, gain greater transparency & bring improved real-time reporting.


“We have partnered with the most secure data storage in the UK - trusted by the Ministry of Justice and the official hosting company of the Crown. We also offer nightly back-up service ensuring your data is safe.”

Ian McManus - Managing Director



By employing LATERAL’S online matter management system you can organise your matters and cases in one place, track time and expenses with ease, issue bills promptly, and ultimately get paid more quickly. We have designed a system that is built on solutions. It can automate key processes, lift the load from staff, help drive growth and productivity, provide advanced insights, and dramatically save costs. 

Matter management systems that automate and improve efficiency are the basis of our matter software. It’s important that you invest in an online matter management system that meets your specific needs, because investing in the right software, which is tightly aligned to your specific requirements, is the best way to fuel efficient workflows.

LATERAL’S software can fully support your own internal processes, and has been engineered with total flexibility and adaptability in mind. It is a client-controlled, malleable, highly advanced, matter management tracking software system. This means you get results more quickly and with more ease, when compared with more traditional and often antiquated matter management software or spreadsheets. 

LATERAL’S online matter management system runs in one advanced desktop (and mobile app) application, which has been designed to be accessed at the click of a button, providing you and your staff with a seamlessly efficient software solution.

LATERAL have developed their matter tracking software over 10 years of in-depth research and engineering, and today our product gives you an opportunity to fully embrace modernisation, by investing in an adaptable, scalable, online matter management system which ensures much greater efficiency, productivity and profit. Your time is freed up, and you can refocus your energy to help grow and consolidate your business or agency. The benefits are numerous. 

Document Production & Sending

Our case management letter and document templating system offers unlimited variables and case fields for your team to be able to generate any letter from a single click.  Our batch and bundle functionality allows batch creation of thousands of letters and then bundling those into packs for easy printing. We partner with several document printing companies and because of our volumes can save companies thousands on printing costs. In addition, all sending of letters is tracked through API so our system can let you know as soon as the document has been delivered.

Document Management

Lateral offers a fully searchable document management system allowing for scanning and storing of files including linking to the correct cases / files.  Lateral tracks matter management document versions, including change history - who and when a document was edited.


CRM and Business Development

Do you currently operate within the constraints of a separate CRM solution? With the Lateral matter management platform, companies no longer need a separate CRM - workflows can be created for prospecting and onboarding new clients.   Managing all stages, status, and automation. Lateral matter management software offers automated emails, texts, and bulk sending facilities. We offer reports of who has opened emails and texts and can provide complete Omni-Channel CRM functions including telephony, live chat and IVR.  

Task and Diary Management

A full diary facility sits within our matter management software and is linked with all case activities, with automated reminders and dashboards to ensure no task is overlooked.  Our task and diary management system can be integrated with Outlook or Google Calendar. Our ‘Smart-tasks’ can easily link to the letter / form / customer record that needs to be done to avoid extra clicks.  

Workflow & Decisions

Our Workflow modules are where Lateral’s matter management software really stands ahead of the competition.  With our new Decision Engine functionality, automation can be driven by the completion of tasks, by a date on the case, or any criteria that the user can define.  This allows for further business automation which can save thousands of hours a year on mundane tasks. This automation allows users to focus on exceptions and decisions that require complex decision making rather than mundane tasks ensuring employees are happier and more productive.

Time Recording

For many organisations, time tracking is essential, which is why Lateral offers both a built-in time tracking tool and integration with a legal time tracking partner eBility.  With these cloud-based tools, time can be tracked from anywhere while doing any task. Reports and billing statements can be generated by user or task type with a date range.  

Costs Budgeting and Management

Seamlessly integrated, providing:

  • Ongoing alerts and colour-coding for each type of task

  • A quick-view screen presenting all relevant costs information ‘at-a-glance’ for fee earners and management

  • Analysis and Reporting across all budget categories for any number of cases, case types, users or period of time

Unlimited Flexibility

Lateral is proud to be known as the most flexible matter management software on the market.  Lateral offers the ability to drag and drop widgets to create new dashboards and case pages, quickly add new fields or colour coded case markers.  Lateral allows you to create your own imports, reports, workflows, even data queries…in order to have full visibility over your client & matter management. All of this can be tailored or created from scratch, ensuring that Lateral works around your every business & personnel need.

Any integration of a feature that is not out of the box can usually be added with our unique plugin architecture (no more waiting for the next release!)

Serving all sizes of firms, our flexible cloud based matter management software can automate your workflows, freeing up staff through the automation of your business processes.


With Lateral’s cloud based technology, our matter management system can easily integrate to other systems using our API Web Services or connecting to third party web services.  For legacy systems, we have built a bespoke data exchange system which can be used to batch data in from accounting systems and other software systems. This exchange system records all data in and out, and captures any exceptions in the process.

Reporting & Batch Actions

With custom fields also comes the need for custom reports, which is why Lateral has built a user defined report builder.  A reporting suite also allows batch actioning of results of any report. Reports can also be scheduled to run at set dates and times and be distributed to pre-defined contacts, all with no manual intervention required.

Voip, Email, Text Messaging, Chat

Lateral is the only matter management system fully integrated with VOIP, Email, Texting, and Chat channels allowing for Omni-channel communications and workflows.  This, coupled with our decision engine offers never seen before automation rules. For example, a decision can be made to text message a contact if and only if the contact has a mobile number and has responded via text message in the past.


Lateral has decreased our average days of debt outstanding by 2 days and 10% in just six months.

Nigel Ross, Corporate and Legal


Automatic letters, email or texts

Log in from anywhere in the world

Compatible with accounting software

Create your own workflows


flexible reporting suite




Status changes via email, SMS or CRM





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