Case management solutions can help a legal firm manage their cases, their clients, and their business matters. Although case management solutions have been around for a while, many law firms are still failing to invest in them. But those that do see vast efficiency improvements, and enjoy multiple benefits in terms of running their case loads.


Case management solutions encompass multiple different areas of legal practice. However the following features are the major areas that a case management software system might cover.

  • Case databases

  • Time and billing management

  • Contact management

  • Calendar management

  • Document production and sending

  • Document management

Advanced case management solutions also include CRM (Client Relationship Management) and business development features. LATERAL’S case management solutions mean you don’t have to operate within the constraints of a separate CRM solution, and workflows can be created for prospecting and onboarding new clients.  

Case Management


Case management solutions provide their uses with many benefits. When it comes to costs budgeting and management, the best case management software provides ongoing alerts and colour-coding for each type of task, a quick-view screen presenting all relevant costs information, and analysis and reporting across all budget categories for any number of cases, case types, users or period of time. Communication in and out of your firm is also vastly improved if you invest in CMS. LATERAL is the only legal case management system that is fully integrated with VOIP, Email, Texting, and Chat channels allowing for Omni-channel communications and workflows. And of course communication is vital to any law firm’s success.

The best CRM’s also provide diary facilities, with automated reminders and dashboards to ensure no task is overlooked. The administrative and logistical operations of your firm are improved, as no meeting or task is missed or overlooked. In the broadest sense, your legal firm is run with increased efficiency. LATERAL’S task and diary management system can be integrated with Outlook or Google Calendar, which is an added bonus if you’re looking for advanced integration.

Another great benefit of case management solutions are the impact they can have on your firm’s workflow and decision-making processes. The automation of tasks via software means formerly labour intensive tasks are taken on by the CMS, freeing up your staff to spend more time on other more important tasks. With LATERAL’S decision engine functionality, automation can be driven by the completion of tasks, by a date on the case, or any criteria that the user can define.  This allows for further business automation, which can save thousands of hours a year on mundane tasks. Ultimately case management solutions save you time, and therefore save you money.

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