Legal case management software is increasingly popular today owing to the benefits it provides law firms. There are two types of software available in the market today. One is server-based legal case management software, and the other is cloud-based legal case management software.

Cloud-based software: hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed through a web browser.

On-premise software: installed locally, on your company’s own computers and servers.

Both on-premise and cloud computing software may provide your business with the IT infrastructure it needs. However, when it comes to security, case management software that is cloud-based has many distinct and important advantages. And this is why Gartner predicts that cloud data centres will process 92 percent of workloads by 2020.  

cloud computing

Cloud-based legal case management software undoubtedly provides its users with greater flexibility, easier access and faster speeds than server-based alternatives. But many legal firms still falsely believe that server-based software provides them with increased security, since important and sensitive data remains under their “direct control” — including financial information, personal employee information, and client lists. Legal firms assume the server is their own; if it’s in their office, surely no one can mine it for information. The reality is very different. The server in your office can easily be subjected to a cyber attack, and in reality the security of cloud-based legal case management software can be much higher.

Of course the biggest advantage of cloud-based legal case management software is that it is accessible from anywhere anytime. Whether you are in court, travelling, or if you’re abroad, you can access your data. But this ease-of-use does not mean security is compromised. Far from it. Cloud-based software uses state-of-the-art encryption, and built-in, automated data backups and recovery. The safety of your data is LATERAL’S first priority.  

LATERAL have partnered with the most secure data storage in the UK - trusted by the Ministry of Justice and the official hosting company of the Crown. We also offer nightly back-up service ensuring your data is safe.  

Choosing between cloud-based vs on-premise software is an important decision. In general, cloud based legal case management software is the most cost-effective and secure solution for most organizations. To learn more about how to choose the right type of legal case management software solution, GET IN TOUCH with LATERAL today.