Today software can help firms make the most of their resources and help them innovate in an increasingly competitive marketplace. But with so many matter management software options out there, which one is right for you?


Faced with countless legal matters each year, from both internal and external sources, means many legal firms now manage their own processes using a software platform. Without it there are too many tasks, too much data, and let’s face it: time is money.

Legal teams seek automation and control through a matter’s lifecycle, and a centralised location to manage and process workflows and routines. And that’s where matter management software comes in. It is defined as the software which manages all activities within a corporate legal practice. It’s different from case management, which refers to activities specific to a law firm.



Firstly, a cloud-based software system brings great advantages. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provides its users with increased security, and is an important foundational element of any effective matter management software system.  

LATERAL is a cloud-based matter management system, which runs in one advanced desktop (and mobile app) application, which has been designed to be accessed at the click of a button, providing a seamlessly efficient software solution. 

A second important consideration when it comes to selecting matter management software is automation. Software that can automate key processes ultimately lifts the load from your staff, and helps drive growth and productivity. Software that uses templates and designs standardised processes for you, ultimately saves you money.

Another important consideration when selecting matter management software is ease-of-use. Features are important, and it’s easy to get excited by a sleek interface, but you should invest in software that is easy to learn and easy to use. If you’re evaluating a product, or having a demo, try out some of these tasks and see how long they take you:  

-       Billing clients

-       Finding information for a certain case

-       Adding notes to cases

-       Producing documents 

The best matter management software systems have been designed with their user in mind. Staying organised and completing tasks should be an easy process.  

Finally, ask if the matter management software you’re interested in works on your mobile device. Software is only truly efficient if it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and with complete ease.

LATERAL is the matter management software chosen by the industry’s leading firms, see why by signing up for a free demo today.