If you’ve made the decision to find an integrated software solution for your law firm, you’re already half way to success. The best legal practice software can streamline the activities of your firm, optimize and improve your processes, meet client needs and increase your profits. But what tips are useful when choosing the best legal practice software?

1.    Invest In An Integrated Solution

Legal practice software such as LATERAL provides a “cover all the bases” solution. It covers time and expense tracking, billing, accounting, and case and matter management. Look beyond the obvious needs that you believe you have when it comes to legal practice software, and consider all aspects of how your legal practice functions. Can the software you’re considering truly meet your needs? LATERAL offers both a built-in time tracking tool and integration with our legal time tracking partner eBility.  With these cloud-based tools, time can be tracked from anywhere while doing any task.

choosing best legal practice software

 2.    Focus on Automation

No matter what the size of your firm, automation can help you. Lateral’s software offers automated emails, texts, and bulk sending facilities. Our cutting-edge Decision Engine functionality means automation can be driven by the completion of tasks, by a date on the case, or any criteria that the user can define. This frees up staff and saves your firm time and money.

3.    Can the Legal Practice Software Fully Integrate With Your Law Firm?

You need to discover whether or not the legal practice software you’re considering has the capacity to integrate with commonly used Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Word, and Excel. As well as any other software your firm uses? LATERAL’S cloud based technology has been engineered to easily integrate with other systems using our API Web Services, or by connecting to third party web services.

4.    Is It ‘In the Cloud’?

It might surprise you how much you need software that can “go mobile”. Perhaps your staff are increasingly working “on the move”, or outside of the office. Or maybe you need the capacity to quickly check some aspect of case on your phone. If you invest in cloud-based legal practice software, you can access the data you need anytime, anywhere. And you can learn more about the advantages of LATERAL’S cloud-based security here.

In summary, whatever legal practice software you choose, the solution should be primed to meet the needs of your workforce and the specific demands of your legal practice in an increasingly competitive market. LATERAL is integrated legal practice software designed to automate and manage the business of your firm. GET IN TOUCH and REQUEST A DEMO to learn how we can help you.