Names are important, and we have decided to change ours. We originated with the name ClickDebt, but as our business has evolved, so as our name, and we now proudly call ourselves LATERAL.


LATERAL describes us perfectly, because think and evolve in imaginative and innovative ways. When we were known as ClickDebt we had a limited remit. But now as LATERAL we also produce legal software, in addition to credit control software. We have expanded. And through our cutting-edge omni-channel products with their emphasis on automating advanced process and increasing efficiency, we hope to stand at the very forefront of debt collections technology.

LATERAL engineers advanced cloud-based technologies which  automate inbound and outbound customer contact in the pursuit of debt recovery in the most innovative ways. We have developed multiple interactive technologies, including SMS, web, voice and social media contact.

We are driving forwards, we have grown and evolved, and we look forward to you joining us on our exciting journey.